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How to prepare a bottle of feed:

How to prepare a bottle of feed:

How to prepare a bottle of feed:

It is very important that powdered infant feeds are prepared correctly. Using too much or too little powder can be harmful to your baby. Always read the instructions on the tin of formula when making up a feed.


Step 1: Wash and sterilise

Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect the surface you are going to use to prepare the feed. Have your sterilised bottles handy (see blog post on ‘Sterilising Powdered Infant Feeds’


Step 2: Boil water

Fill the kettle or saucepan with fresh tap water and bring to the boil. Do not use bottled water or water that has been previously boiled.

Step 3: Cool water

Allow the water to cool in the kettle or saucepan for no more than 30 minutes


Step 4: Add water to bottle

Standing the bottle on a clean steady surface, pour the correct amount of freshly boiled water into the bottle. Check the tin of formula for how much water you need.


Step 5: Then add formula powder

Check the tin to tell you how many scoops you need (usually 1 level scoop for every 30ml (1oz) water). Loosely fill the scoop with formula  and level it off using either the flat edge of a clean, dry knife or the leveller provided.  Do not press the powder down into the scoop. NB: only use the scoop provided in the tin. Do not mix scoops between tins.

Step 6: Attach the teat

Holding the edge of the teat, put it on the bottle. Then screw the ring onto the bottle.


Step 7: Shake bottle

Place the cap on the teat and shake the bottle thoroughly until the powder has completely dissolved.


Step 8: Cool bottle

Allow the bottle to cool by running it under a cold tap. Move the bottle around as you run it under the tap to ensure no hot patches of milk remain. Make sure tap water only covers the bottom half if the bottle, and avoid any tap water touching the bottle cap.



Step 9: Test temperature of milk

Test the temperature of the milk by placing a few drops on the inside of your wrist. It should be at room temperature and feel slightly warm or cool, but not hot. If it feels hot, run the bottle under the tap again.

Step 10: FEED!

Feed immediately. Discard any unused formula at the end of the feed



Top Tips for successful bottle feeding:

  • When buying bottles, choose ones that are simple and easy to clean
  • Always follow the manufacturing instructions on the tin for preparing feeds
  • During feeding, always keep your baby upright and support their head
  • Make sure to keep the teat full of milk to prevent your baby swallowing air
  • Try gently tapping your baby’s cheek if they fall asleep during a feed
  • Stop feeding when you feel your baby has had enough
  • Once the feed is finished, sit your baby upright and gently rub or pat their back to help them bring up any wind
  • Most babies will bring up a small amount of milk after a feed. This is called ‘possetting’ and is completely normal