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Little Mémo

by Djeco
Type: Toy

A group of little animals are walking through the garden when, all of a sudden, one of them decides to hide! Who’s missing?A chance for children to bond, sharpen their memory and hone their powers of observation by spotting the missing animal.

  • An introduction to observation and memory games for toddlers.
  • Improves visual memory and observation skills.
  • Pretty animal-shaped figures draw children into the story.
  • Premium materials that are durable and easy for little hands to manage: large die, thick card, soft-touch plastic figures.
  • Simple rules that are easy to understand.
  • Short duration suited to little attention spans.
  • A chance for adults and children to talk and bond.
  • Made of FSC® certified paper and cardboard.

Contents: 9 soft-touch plastic figures (butterfly, ladybird, bee, snail, hedgehog, frog, caterpillar, tortoise, dragonfly), 1 cardboard box, 30 flower tokens. Game rules in 10 languages.

Age : + 2.5-5
Players : 2-4

Time: 10 minutes

Width pack : 22 cm
Height pack : 5 cm
Depth pack : 22 cm

*Please note: this item is unfortunately too big for our gift boxes. We recommend gift wrapping as an alternative option if you are purchasing as a gift :)

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