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First Trimester - Week 10

First Trimester - Week 10

First Trimester - Week 10

Your Baby is now the size of a prune

Your baby weighs about .14 ounces and is about 1.2 inches long. Your baby has working arm joints and her cartilage and bones are forming. His/her vital organs are fully developed and stating to function, he/she is now swallowing and kicking! More minute features like fingernails and hair are also stating to appear!


Your Body

Your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit and thus your clothes may start to feel a little tighter!


Common Symptoms:

  1. Aches in your Abdomen - Your baby is putting pressure on your organs, veins, muscles and ligaments which may cause you some aches and pains in your tummy. Don’t worry, this is normal!
  2. Tiredness – your body is working overtime, growing your baby and your sleep may be disrupted so unfortunately you may be feeling tired.
  3. Increase Vaginal Discharge – thanks to the pregnancy hormone estrogen, more blood is flowing to your pelvic area which will cause a thin, milky-white discharge.  
  4. Visible veins – those blue streaks are carrying extra blood and nutrients to your baby.
  5. Occasional headaches – blame those hormones again! Other factors can include fatigue, hunger and stress.


Your Wellbeing