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First Trimester - Week 8

First Trimester - Week 8

First Trimester - Week 8

Your Baby is now the size of a Raspberry

Your baby weighs about .04 ounces and measure about .63 inches. Your baby is growing at an amazing rate, about a millimetre every day.

This is a critical period in your baby’s development, as his/her organs are forming and his/her tiny tail is disappearing. Although you can’t feel it yet and probably won’t for some weeks, your baby is moving those arms and legs like crazy! Your baby’s finger and toes are now only slightly webbed and his/her taste buds are forming.

Your Body

Although at eight weeks you probably aren’t showing, your jeans may be starting to feel a bit tight around your tummy. This is due to your uterus increasing from the size of a fist to the size of an orange! Your breasts are also growing and your old bras may start to feel uncomfortable, especially if they are underwired. Now is the time to get fitted for some supportive maternity bras.

Common Symptoms:

  1. Nausea –  STILL! Nausea and vomiting normally start to subside at about week 12….only 4 weeks to go. Try and focus on the positives for now, nausea is normally a sign of a healthy pregnancy.
  2. Larger, heavier, tender breasts as milk producing lobules in your boobs start to expand.
  3. A heightened sense of smell
  4. Digestive issues such as constipation, indigestion, bloating and heartburn.
  5. Increased vaginal discharge – another bodily fluid courtesy of estrogen.

Your Wellbeing

The surge in the hormone relaxin may mean that you need to increase the amount of fibre foods you eat to cope with constipation. Relazxin also loosens ligaments so be careful of your back and pelvis as you do not want to strain either of them at this time.