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First Trimester - Week 7

First Trimester - Week 7

First Trimester - Week 7

Your Baby is now the size of a Blueberry

Your baby is still described as an embryo because he/she still has the remains fo a small tail which will disappear in the next few weeks. At .51 inches it doesn’t exactly tip the scales however he/she is developing like crazy!

Your baby is generating about one hundred new brain cells each minute and its heart is becoming more complex. He/she has also developed a permanent set of kidneys and its arms and leg joints are now forming. In addition your baby’s eyelids are forming and the top of his/her nose is starting to show.


Your Body

Even though you may not look pregnant, your uterus is expanding to accommodate your growing baby. As your uterus starts to expand you may feel some mild cramps in your tummy. Always check with your doctor or midwife if you are experiences cramps and/or bleeding

Common Symptoms:

  1. Nausea – hang in there, it should get better in the second trimester!
  2. Food Cravings/Aversions – cravings and aversions are normal in early pregnancy. Try to stay as healthy as possible during this time though rather than indulging in junk food!
  3. Spots – those pregnancy hormones can cause spots to appear unfortunately.
  4. Emotional – in early pregnancy it is normal to feel as if you are on an emotional rollercoaster. You may be joyful and excited one minute and then overcome with tears and fear the next.
  5. Frequent need to pee – this is due to your uterus doubling in size.
  6. Extra Saliva – this is also hormonally triggered


Your Wellbeing

Try some natural remedies to stave off morning sickness – ginger biscuits or breadsticks can help. 

Switch to herbal teas instead of caffeinated drinks.